The Corona-Norco Unified School District offers these bicycle, pedestrian and traffic safety tip. For parents dropping off and picking up — you’re included, too!
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The California Public Utilities Commission will now compile a Response to Comments document that with the Draft EIR will be used to prepare the final EIR.
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The Riverside County Transportation Department has asked the Public Safety Committee to compile a list of Temescal Valley public (not gated), streets that have safety problems. Do you know of a roadway that should be included on the list?
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Tracy Davis, chairwoman of the WeAreTV Identity Committee, explains the importance of the Milkweed to Monarch Project.
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Developer Castle & Cooke says the conditions imposed by the city make the project “unbuildable.” Resident is successful in obtaining approval to begin gathering signatures to place Alberhill Villages on November ballot.
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The Corona City Council at its May 19 meeting gave the go-ahead to developer New Home Company to build the 1,800-home project in the Bedford Wash just north of Temescal Valley.
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The project was approved in 2009 but must get county OK again because of road changes.
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Residents and business owners at November’s Municipal Advisory Council meeting cite dust, light and noise pollution, health issues, a gridlocked transportation infrastructure, and scenic and environmental concerns in speaking out against Olsen Canyon Project.
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91projectlogosm91 FREEWAY UPDATES
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Transportation officials explain plans for a $25 million Temescal Canyon Road project that will be constructed in stages as funds become available.
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 POST OFFICE CREATES ‘TEMESCAL VALLEY’ DESIGNATION WITHIN 92883 ZIP CODE Good work by Identity Committee pays off. Valley folks can now drop Corona mailing address and use Temescal Valley.
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17 thoughts on “NEWS AND UPDATES

  1. Anthony T. Norton


    I would like to ask how the Terramor development on the eastern side of route 15 north of Indian Truck Trail was ever approved. There are going to be more than 1400 homes which will result in more than 2000 vehicles driving along route 15. Route 15 is already an overused road that cannot handle more traffic.

    I move to the Sycamore Creek development thinking that we were moving to a nice, quiet suburb. We are now becoming another mega metropolis.

    1. admin Post author

      Originally known as Toscana, the development’s specific plan received its first approval in Dec. 2006 and its final approval in 2015. The landowners began planning the project in 2000, so you can see Terramor wasn’t a quick slam dunk. The developer also included the community in the planning process, which was appreciated by residents who became involved in the project. Anyone who’s ever appeared before a governing agency — whether it be county or city, will tell you its pretty hard to oppose a project because it will put more vehicles on the freeway. Traffic studies are always presented that always show that there will be little to no impact on roadway congestion. Those of us who drive it everyday know better. Until the state puts priority on fixing our freeway system and also allocates the necessary funding to get the job done, change will come slowly or not at all. In the meantime, housing developments will continue to be approved. Do not shoot the messenger! Armed with that reality, we better make sure we are getting quality developments that will improve our home values. Terramor is such a project.

  2. Jacob

    I am recent resident in TV (Northern part on the edge of Corona) and really appreciate this website and the news you share. Do you know of an equivalent for Corona?

    1. admin Post author

      Jacob — It’s nice to hear that we are appreciated. Thank you. Sorry — I know of no website for Corona, outside of the city’s website. There are many Facebook pages for Corona, but those pages are more opinion-driven than fact-driven.

  3. Steven


    Thank you for this blog section. Just about everyday, there seems to be some sort of crime (burglary and/or break-ins to cars throughout all TV). I see different people posting and spreading the word of different crimes on FB. One post stated they were burglarized while sleeping. This is scary to think it may happen to anyone in TV. One the of reasons, I purchased out here was to raise a family in a safer environment. Are there any plans for a sub station or more of a police presence in TV? Maybe the police can setup a sting or something. We need help from Law Enforcement. I know a lot of neighborhoods have Watch Programs, but it does not seem to stop. These crimes really need to stop as our safety is in jeopardy. Look forward to your reply. Thank you once again.

    1. admin Post author

      Steven — Your comment echoes the sentiments of many Temescal Valley residents. You’re right, crime is escalating. According to Lt. Joe Pemberton of the Lake Elsinore Sheriff Station, speaking at last Wednesday’s MAC meeting, “Crime is up in Temescal Valley, but it’s up everywhere in the Inland Empire.” The most popular theory of why this is happening is the passage of Proposition 47, which reduced certain felonies to misdemeanors, i.e. — if the value of what is stolen is under $950, it’s a misdemeanor. Criminals get a slap on the wrist and they’re back on the streets to steal again.

      The county’s budget is tight — there’s no financial ability to build new substations or hire additional deputies. We do have the ability here in Temescal Valley to create a County Service Area — a special taxation district that would allow us to tax ourselves to pay for additional deputies dedicated to Temescal Valley patrol.

      Many of our crimes are crimes of opportunity. We make it easy for the criminal element to victimize us. We leave valuables in our cars and leave our cars unlocked. We leave doors, sliders, windows and gates unlocked. We don’t turn on outside lights at night. We make our environment unsafe. Neighborhood Watch does work, but only if neighbors watch out for neighbors and report all suspicious activity to the sheriff.

      Finally, the sheriff does work with communities to create citizen patrols. Trilogy has one and it works well. We’re investigating the possibility of working with the sheriff to create patrols in other Temescal Valley communities.

    2. Joe Cossack

      We are unincorporated Riverside County, which means that we fall on the responsibility of Riverside County Sheriff’s to provide Police Services, and currently, the Lake Elsinore station is what services our area. However, this makes things extremely difficult for them to provide policing services to our area to the degree at which you are talking about. In the State of California property crimes (burglaries, thefts from motor vehicles, GTA, etc) has become much lower if a punishment thanks to Prop 47 which passed in 2014. If you want sting operations, or any large operation if that sort you will need to fund a Police Department (which we would have had if the fine citizens would have approved becoming part of Corona) but we do not. There are much bigger, more violent, crimes being committed in other areas of the county that is draining The Riverside County Sheriff Department’s resources. While it sucks, it is something we are going to have to live with until we become a city. Get an alarm, lock your doors, and make sure the exterior of your home is well lit at night. Be a good neighbor, if you see something, say something. Door to door salesmen should be red flags so stay alert. Hope this helps you.

  4. Steven

    Last year I purchased a home in HCR (love it by the way). Any future plans or talks about a new High School for TV which HCR residents would attend instead of going to Lake Elsinore. Look forward to your reply, thanks.

    1. admin Post author

      Steven — Horsethief Canyon Ranch is a super community. I’m glad you love it! As you know, our Temescal Valley area is served by two school districts –Lake Elsinore Unified and Corona-Norco Unified. Sadly, our Temescal Valley students attend high schools in Corona and Lake Elsinore. While several TV residents within CNUSD are letting the district know they want a high school here, even if one were built, it’s highly unlikely HCR students would automaticalley attend that school. I don’t know either districts’ policies on district transfers, so research is warranted. I also don’t know about annexation possibilities for school districts. Could CNUSD extend its boundaries to include HCR and Luiseno School? Could LEUSD extend its boundaries to encompass the remainder of Temescal Valley including Todd and Temescal Valley elementary schools? Would residents support a move by either district toward annexation? I need to do more homework and I’ll get back to you!

  5. Ze

    I wonder if there are any plans to construct a freeway on/off-ramp between Temescal Canyon Rd and Indian Truck Trail? Primarily, this exit will be on Temescal Cyn Rd on the intersection with Campbell Ranch Rd.

    This will help a lot of Sycamore Creek residents hopping on/off the 15 Fwy.

    1. admin Post author

      Ze — In the county’s Temescal Canyon Area Plan (part of the county’s overall General Plan — its vision for the future), there’s this little tidbit. “Construct a new interchange on the Interstate 15 between the existing interchanges at Temescal Canyon Road and Indian Truck Trail.” It doesn’t say where or when, but the only logical place for a new interchange would be in the vicinity of Campbell Ranch Raod and the I-15. I don’t see this happening anytime soon, but if a new interchange were to be built, the ideal time to do it would be when the I-15 toll lanes project (expected completion 2020), continues its expansion south from Cajalco Road. That’s many years in the future.


    The new TV signs are great, yet I am disappointed that they did not include a saying that helps brand our locality. I have, and I have seen others, with license plate frames that identify TV as there home. Maybe have an official saying people can put on their plate frame . . . maybe even have a competition for the best one.

    Just a thought that could better reinforce the identity of our community

    1. admin Post author

      Robert — This is an excellent idea! I will call it to the attention of Tracy Davis and her Identity Committee. The license plate frames, that were created many years ago, say “Temescal Valley — There’s No Place Like Home”

  7. Ryan

    Food options? Any news of future restaurant development? Fast casual, fast food or restaurants showing interest in placement? In addition, any other retail or mixed used plans in the works?

    1. admin Post author

      Ryan — Please see an earlier story posted last month: Plans for retail center announced. This developer said he was in negotiations but couldn’t say which fast-food restaurants he was talking to. Right now no other retail or mixed use plans have been announced, but Development Committee Chairman Jerry Sincich and his committee are on top of all proposed development for Temescal Valley.

  8. Todd Grempel

    As a resident of Sycamore Creek, I was hopeful that there might be some way to beautify the shoulders of of Temescal Canyon Road between Maitri and Campbell Ranch Road. It’s a bit of an eye sore that does not improve until you make the right turn onto Campbell Ranch Road and the Sycamore Creek portion begins. I am not asking for side walks or extra street lighting (yet) but perhaps at least clear the low vegetation, level the ground and trim the trees and maybe even slat the fence to visually block the view to the sub station and surface mine area. Perhaps some well placed large boulders could be placed like the ones you see when you get off Indian Truck Trail would be nice.

    Thank you for your consideration. I’m sure the residents would approve.


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