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Workshop set for TCR improvements

The Riverside County Transportation Department is moving forward with its plans to widen two stretches of Temescal Canyon Road. Bicycle lanes also will be added.

An informational workshop will be held at 6 p.m., Tuesday Sept. 12 at the Trilogy Lodge, 24503 Trilogy Parkway. An environmental analysis was necessary and has been prepared.

Comments about the widening project and the analysis are being accepted by the county now through Sunday, Sept. 24

Comments should be emailed to Marcia Frances Rose,

Here’s the link to the analysis; questions also can be asked at Tuesday’s meeting:

County OKs concept for TCR improvements

(Published Oct. 13, 2015)

Anne Meyer of the Riverside County Transportation Commission and Juan Perez of the Riverside County Transportation Department at the October Municipal Advisory Council meeting presented a concept plan for improvements to be made along Temescal Canyon Road in the El Cerrito and Temescal Valley areas.

Left-turn lanes will be constructed on Temescal Canyon Road at Lawson Road, across from Tom’s Farms and at Hostettler Road in Horsethief Canyon Ranch. Construction on the lanes should begin in the middle of next year. It was suggested at the meeting that street lights be placed near the left-turn lanes.

Also planned is a culvert under Temescal Canyon Road south of Tom’s Farms and north of Glen Ivy Road that would prevent drainage from Coldwater Canyon from flooding and washing out Temescal Canyon Road during heavy storms. This construction should begin late next year.

The concept also looks at widening three stretches of Temescal Canyon Road from two to four lanes. The areas to be widened are from El Cerrito Road south to Tom Barnes Street in back of The Crossings, from 7-Oaks Deli south to the beginning of Wildrose Business Park, and from the southern end of Wildrose Business Park to the Temescal Canyon Road and I-15 interchange.

The road widening will be done in three phases and will cost about $25 million. There are no construction dates established yet because the county still must determine the source or sources for the $25 million.  Read the staff report   HERE

TCR map

Bus service coming to Temescal Valley

Temescal Valley is getting bus service, according to Rohan Kuruppu, Riverside Transit Agency director of planning, speaking at the October Municipal Advisory Council meeting.

Bus service for Valley residents has been discussed for years and will become reality in January with an additional stop planned at Tom’s Farm for the CommuterLink Express Route 206, Kuruppu said.

The route now operates between Lake Elsinore and Corona, stopping at the Outlet Mall in Lake Elsinore to pick up park-and-ride patrons and then continuing to the Metrolink station in Corona.

The stop at Tom’s Farms will be park-and-ride, but when the bus reaches the Metrolink station, transfers can be made to routes in Corona with connections to other areas.  RTA also is working on providing a Route 206  stop at Dos Lagos.

He added, “Riverside county is the fastest growing county in California and RTA is setting new ridership records every month.”

When RTA rolls out the new service in January, Kuruppu said Valley residents will be informed through mailers to all homes and RTA emailed newsletters. (Sign up for email  HERE)

There are many proposed changes planned in January for transit service throughout the county. People can comment on the changes at a RTA Board of Directors public hearing, 2 p.m., Thursday Nov. 13 in the first floor Board of Supervisors Chambers at the County Administrative Center, 4080 Lemon Street, Riverside. (Learn more about the proposed changes  HERE)







Should I-15 toll lanes end at Cajalco?

Folks attending the Temescal Valley Municipal Advisory Council in June 2014 heard a county representative discuss plans for expansion of lanes on the I-15. (Learn more HERE)

She said as soon as construction on SR-91 is complete, work will begin on the 1-15 to add toll lanes in each direction between SR-60 and Cajalco Road. The project is in the planning stages — construction is scheduled to begin in 2018.

After the meeting, Craig Deleo, chairman of the We Are Temescal Valley Transportation Committee, posed this question:

“Does anybody have an opinion of the future I-15 toll lanes beginning and ending at the northern tip of Temescal Valley? Would continuing the lanes to Indian Truck Trail be of greater benefit as the toll lanes would be accessible for all TV residents prior to the possible bottleneck formed with the merging? The lanes would basically go through Temescal Valley. Food for thought?”

Here are a few of the responses Craig received: (If you have an opinion, please add it as a comment at the end of this story.)

From a Sycamore Creek resident: “I think that we could make a good argument that bringing them to Indian truck trail is a good idea, given the number of new houses going up in the next few years. They may only be thinking about the new homes at Cajalco and forgetting about our planned developments. South of us, there isn’t much going up, but I may be wrong.

“If they designed the toll lanes like the ones on the 110 or in San Diego, you can slip in and out of them at multiple locations. Some good logical locations would be at Indian Truck Trail, Cajalco and Ontario. They would fit with existing traffic patterns and be reasonably well spaced.

“I like the idea and we have nothing to lose in asking for it.”

From a Wildrose Ranch resident: “I agree with this thought. Especially with the future commuter bus routes posed in the area to stop at Indian Truck Trail. The bus could get off, pick up and get back on while everyone merges to enter the toll lanes. Makes more sense. Mediate the Toscana traffic some as well, which will be in full swing when the 15 project begins. Could also bring more people to Von’s center to shop.”

From a Trilogy resident: “WOW! … Extending the toll lanes to Indian Truck Trail would be an outstanding benefit to so many more TV Residents. I also believe we must try while the opportunity is available. Please advise if there is anything I can do to support this effort.”

From a Horsethief Canyon Ranch resident:“ I agree with Craig’s idea to extend the toll lanes.”

From a Spanish Hills resident: “I think this would be of great benefit. I think if the county was thinking it would put them all the way through, (or at least have a plan) to connect with the toll lanes in San Diego County. Seems as soon as construction is finished, it is obsolete.”

From a Trilogy resident: “I think it is important to try to obtain the extension, but we shouldn’t be surprised that the consideration may not be “in the cards” at this date. We should for sure explain the reasoning behind the request for consideration.”

From a Weirick Road resident: “I agree with Craig that there will be a huge bottleneck if the lanes end near El Cerrito/Caljaco where we already have a bottleneck. Extending the lanes to the other end of the valley is a good idea.”

From a Wildrose Ranch resident: “I think extending to Indian Truck Trail is a good idea.”

From a Sycamore Creek resident: “Agree!”

You want bus service? Tell the county

The Riverside County Transportation Commission has scheduled a public hearing on transit needs in the county, 3 p.m., Thursday May 9, at the county’s Administrative Center, third floor Conference Room A, 4080 Lemon St., Riverside.

Each year the county provides a public forum to address transit (bus service), needs in the county especially for senior citizens, people with disabilities and people with limited incomes.

Last year, 19 Temescal Valley residents attended the public hearing to tell county reps why we need bus service here. Reasons ranged from “We are leagally blind and can’t drive,” and “My son is a student at Riverside Community College and can’t get to classes,” to “I’m a senior citizen and need transportation to grocery shop,” and “I work in Orange County and need a shuttle service to the Metro Link station in Corona.” One big complaint was “Our school district stopped busing for intermediate school students living within 4 miles of the nearest school.”

Whatever your reason might be, we like to think “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” Show up, speak out and be counted.

If you can’t attend the May 9 public hearing, the county will accept written comments until May 20. Mail comments to:
Riverside County transportation Commission
P.O. Box 12008
Riverside, CA 92502-2208
Attention: Fina Clemente, Transportation Manager

Additionally, if you live in an HOA, have your Board of Directors send a comment requesting bus transportation for your community and listing the reasons why.
Learn more HERE