USPS makes ‘TV’ official address

Local residents soon will be able to use Temescal Valley as their mailing address instead of the Corona designation.

The Temescal Valley Identity Committee has been working with the United States Postal Service to make “Temescal Valley” a recognized location within the 92883 ZIP code.

The new designation was announced in an email to the Identity Committee from Romina Allen, Address Management Systems manager at the USPS regional office in Santa Ana. Allen wrote, “Effective March 1, 2014, the residents of Temescal  Valley will be able to use “Temescal Valley” as an accepted last line for Zip Code 92883. Please remind the residents that they must continue to use 92883 as  their Zip Code. ”

According to Tracy Davis, committee chairman, “It’s always been ridiculous that our mailing address was Corona. People buy homes in the Valley and think they are living in Corona. There are Realtors who don’t know that this is unincorporated Riverside County.”

Once the announcement was shared on Temescal Valley social media pages, posters wondered if the Temescal Valley designation would impact home values. US Census Bureau QuickFacts list the median value of owner-occupied housing units in Temescal Valley at $418,400 and in Corona at $341,600. (See Valley census data HERE. See Corona census data HERE.)

Davis said that after the city’s unsuccessful attempt to annex a portion of the Valley, the Identity Committee was formed with the goal of “shoring up our identity.” The official designation by the USPS “is a major step toward making that goal a reality,” Davis said.

Committee members will be reaching out to residents and businesses to use the new Temescal Valley designation in correspondence and advertising material.


Q. Why weren’t we given our own ZIP code?

A. The Identity Committee did seek a separate ZIP code designation for Temescal Valley. In early communication with USPS manager Allen, she stated, ” I regret to inform you that our
policy does not allow for our office to consider requests for ZIP Codes based
solely on establishing community identity. The assignment of delivery ZIP Codes
is an internal process of the USPS for the enhanced efficiency of the processing
and delivery of mail.” Additionally, it’s costly for the USPS to establish a new ZIP code.

Q. Do I have to use Temescal Valley as my mailing address?

A. No, you can continue to use Corona. People living in Trilogy who use Glen Ivy, which is a recognized postal designation, also can continue to do so.

Q. Do I have to submit a change of address card to the post office?

A. No, the change for USPS automatically goes into effect March 1. Whether you bank or pay bills online or by check, your mailing address can easily be changed by looking for change of address information.


7 thoughts on “USPS makes ‘TV’ official address

  1. John Call

    It has been 2 years since Temescal Valley was official and the AAA office in Corona still does not recognize it. When you give them the 92883 Zip Code they only accept Corona.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for letting us know, John. Hmm, let me review — it seems the U.S. Postal Service recognizes Temescal Valley, the DMV recognizes Temescal Valley, the IRS recognizes Temescal Valley, all major financial institutions recognize Temescal Valley, major mapping and GPS systems recognize Temescal Valley — but the Auto Club doesn’t? Tracy Davis and her Identity Committee will fix that!

  2. Pamela J Garcia

    There was some concern about how this will affect home values in the area. I think this will not only affect home values positively, but it will also have a positive effect on how the residents are viewed. A while back, I was involved marginally in business redevelopment for the Corona area and one of the common statements we heard was that the business needed to attract college educated professionals as employees and the Corona workforce was “all blue collar and day labor”. Hopefully, we can created a reputation for Temescal Valley as a workforce of high quality, technically suave, professionals so that businesses will find this area a great area for relocation.

  3. Tracy Davis

    Hey, we are already in the USPS system as Temescal Valley, 92883! I just tried this tip I heard about from Jannlee! Go to the USPS website under Zip Code lookup…. If you add your own address with Temescal Valley, CA and “Presto Chango” 92883 magically appears!!!

    Try it out.!input.action?mode=0&refresh=true

    Thanks to Jannlee and my committee for your work on completing this Identity task!
    🙂 Tracy

  4. Pam Garcia for Montecito Ranch

    A homeowner from Montecito Ranch sent the following message via Nextdoor on 20 Feb

    Thank you for the update. Had a question about important documents and driver’s license. Will the DMV recognize our address as Temescal Valley on the card itself? Do all residents have to eventually make the effort to update their Driver’s license from Corona to TV?
    My response was this:

    I’m sure if it’s an official postal designation it should work anywhere. Effective March 1. There is an organization that is working to educate local businesses and the media about our new identity.

    Remember, you don’t have to change anything all at once. The old (Corona) address, as long as you use the 92883 zip code will always work.

    For my part, I plan to GRADUALLY change all my address listings over to TV.

    1. admin Post author

      That was a good answer, Pam. Temescal Valley, as of March 1, will be recognized as an official designation within the 92883 ZIP code. It is not mandatory that people make address changes. Anyone can still use Corona, 92883 — but many of us will be changing our address to Temescal Valley, 92883 — and encouraging our neighbors to do so, too.

  5. Pam Garcia

    Congratulations to the identity committee, especially Tracy, for this effort! It would not have happened otherwise. This is certainly something to be recognized. Kudos.


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